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  • Life Motivational

    Hello 2017

    Hello 2017, it’s nice to finally meet you. For the past few months, I have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Last night I clinked my glass to you and to the…

  • Fitness Life Motivational Style

    My Self-Love Routine

    I haven’t always loved myself and I haven’t always had a self-care routine. I’ve battled with self-harm, self-hate, and self-destruction, but that’s changed now and I’m so excited to share with…

  • Life Motivational

    Dear Henry,

    Dear Henry, Welcome to this world little one. I found out my sister-in-law gave birth to you when I was at a gas station in the middle of a snowstorm, putting…

  • Motivational

    Moving Forward

    Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with the past and I’m just learning now how to move forward not backward. One thing I have always done is dissect…

  • Life Motivational

    Happiness and Sadness

    I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness this past weekend while I was in Vancouver. It was uncharted territory and I didn’t know exactly how to handle it. I made excitement…

  • Fitness Motivational

    Rise and Shine Yoga

    Some people stretch when they first wake up, some people drink coffee, and some (crazy) people do rise and shine yoga first thing in the morning. That was me this morning……