5 ways I’m investing in myself in 2020

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This is the year that I intentionally invest in myself. I’ve put myself off for far too long and I don’t want to keep doing that. There’s no one who is going to care about me as much as I should, so here it goes! 

In my last couple of Instagram posts, I’ve been talking about therapy and what I’m doing to quiet the negative self-talk and imposter syndrome that can cloud my mind. I wanted it to dive in deeper with a blog post.

I understand my privilege in this blog post. A lot of the things I will mention are partially covered through my employee benefits. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to commit to everything I am committing to this year. That is exactly why in the past I  haven’t accomplished these. I have never been able to afford to prioritize my health and wellness. I do share some tips within every topic to make it more affordable.

Here are 5 ways I’m investing in myself this year. 

Say cheese.

Growing up, I never went to the dentist. We couldn’t afford it and when I moved out of my family home at 14, I was not on any health benefits until my first industry job in Manitoba. I’ve always hated the dentist because the one time I went when I was younger, I had a very traumatic experience.

But, after finding my dentist in Kelowna, I actually look forward to going. If you’re looking for an honest, friendly dentist who actually cares, check out Lifestyle Dentistry in Glenmore. I’ve really loved my experience seeing Dr. Rootes.

I filled all the cavities I had and also got a crown for a tooth that caused me a lot of problems in my teen years last year. This year though will be the biggest change. 

Every day I wake up with a headache from clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth. I also catch myself actively clenching my teeth throughout the workday, while practicing yoga and even just walking down the road. 

I feel constant pain and I’m ready to say goodbye to that. I started talking to my dentist about this and yesterday I went and got impressions done for a retainer-like appliance that will help align my jaw correctly. I have to wear this every day, but it will alleviate the problems I’m having. It will also show Dr. Rootes if further ortho work will be needed in the future. Just call me brace face because the appliance clicks onto my upper jaw and has a metal wire over the front of my top teeth. 

I’m been nervous about this because of what other people will think and say to me about having metal in front of my teeth at 26. But people who make fun of me for bettering my life and my mouth health do not deserve to be in my life! It’s never too late to take your health into your hands.

Bonus experience: A lot of dental clinics offer payment plans. Before working at Twirling Umbrellas, my previous job didn’t offer employee benefits. I still went to Lifestyle Dentistry regularly and they were able to break payments into chunks to help me afford the work I was getting done. Just ask your dental office and see what they can do.

Let’s talk about it.

Therapy has been amazing already this year. It was my top January experience that I recently wrote down in my journal. I’ve been to three appointments and go to my fourth today. I started going to work my way through the grief I am dealing with because of Bill dying. I’ve also been able to open up about my relationship with my mom, not having my dad physically around growing up, my relationship with love and mourning the loss of people who are still alive but no longer in my life. 

It has been fantastic. It’s an investment, but I truly believe it’s the best thing I’m doing for myself. I want to spend the time and break open my super-glued heart. I want to unlearn a lot of the things I’ve been taught. By opening my heart again, I’ll be able to place every piece back together correctly without causing fundamental damage.

It’s a long process and a never-ending journey. It’s something that I see myself going to monthly for the rest of my life hopefully.

Bonus experience: I went to fill a claim through my work benefits the other day and found out that our benefits cover $300 worth of therapy a year. That’s about three appointments, but three is better than none! See if your benefits offer therapy reimbursements.

There are many different therapy options. If you Google therapy services in your town, you will most likely find different services on sliding scales of cost. If you’re grieving, you can also check out your local hospice society. They offer free group counselling as well as individual.

Seeing is believing.

I’ve had glasses for the past 6 years. I know my eyesight has gotten worse because while I’m wearing my glasses I still cannot see properly. Watching TV can be a pain because it’s still a bit blurry and I can’t read any text on the screen. I also never used to have to wear my glasses while on the computer, but my screen has recently started to become a little blurry. 

I booked in to get my eyes tested at a new Kelowna Optometry centre. I am excited about the possibility of getting new glasses with a prescription where I can actually see properly. 

My dream is to get laser eye surgery in 2021 or 2022. Once I save up the amount needed, I plan on booking it if I am a candidate. 

Doctors orders. 

I haven’t had a family doctor since I lived in my hometown in Nova Scotia. Shout-out to Norah Mogan being the best doctor I’ve ever had in my whole life! In January 2020, this changed and Matt’s doctor took me on as a patient. 

Goodbye going to the walk-in and dealing with a doctor who doesn’t have the time to care about me properly as a patient. 

I’m excited to book my first appointment with the doctor to discuss some things I’ve been neglecting. 

Bonus experience: When I was searching for a doctor, my friend told me about this website. You’re able to fill out a form and they’ll reach out to you when a doctor is accepting new patients. I didn’t have to use it but was planning on if Matt’s doctor didn’t take me.

Slow nothingness. 

As my word for 2020 is slow growth, I don’t believe we can grow if we’re nearing the stage of burnout constantly. 

Because of this, I want to be well-rested so I can achieve my personal, financial, business and relationship goals that Matt and I have been deciding. I’m committed to investing in slow nothingness time. For me, this will be the time when my brain isn’t thinking about freelance or my office job. It won’t be worrying about my bank balance or paying off my debt. This is the time to solely and fully benefit my mind, body and spirit. 

I plan to spend this time at the yoga studio, on my meditation mat, rock wall, cuddling in bed with my man, reading on the couch or enjoying hot baths. I will also spend more time outside connecting to nature, turning my phone off by 8 pm nightly and leaving it in the living room overnight. 

Bonus experience: These self-care practices don’t have to be done in studios either. If you don’t have the money for a yoga membership, roll out your mat and search yoga videos on Netflix. Youtube also has an incredible amount of guided meditations to utilize. Sometimes I don’t feel like leaving the house and love doing a practice in my living room instead.

How are you investing in yourself? 

Have you made any goals that involve investing in yourself this year? If you have, let me know what they are. If you haven’t, borrow one of mine and see how it feels to prioritize yourself. 

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