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A cabin in the woods

I have a thing for getaways.

Getting into the driver’s seat of the vehicle, turning my phone off and driving out of the city. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the life I’m building in Kelowna, but adventure seems to call for me. And, I always answer…

I knew I wanted to plan a getaway for mine and Matthew’s anniversary and a cabin in the woods seemed like the perfect idea.

I saw a post about White Lake Cabins and I instantly knew that was the place. Nestled in the trees, away from wifi, on a lake in the middle of December. Connection was the name of the weekend and it had nothing to do with an internet connection.

A dream anniversary.

I booked a studio cabin for two nights and I didn’t tell Matthew. I like to surprise him, but I can’t keep a secret worth a damn. He kept asking me what we were doing and would say things like “I can’t wait to go to the cabin.”

He knows me too well.

Once we got there, my heart fluttered. See, I have a thing for getaways, but I also have a thing for tiny homes and this cabin was exactly that.

It was called The Fish Inn. Clever, cute and tiny.

We spent two nights in The Fish Inn. We cooked fish on the first night (ironic), drank a lovely bottle of wine and played games that were attached to no technology.

We watched PS. I Love You (one of my favourite romantic movies) in bed and fell asleep holding hands. The perfect way to celebrate two years of adventure, love and comfort.

On Saturday, we ventured down to the lake. We took in the views, we enjoyed seeing our breath floating away into the air when we talked and we just walked together. In silence. And in laughs.

I listened to the birds in those moments, the owner of the cabins cutting wood, the chickens, and my heart telling me that she knew it would happen to me. She knew I deserved this life I was living, even if I never thought I’d ever be fortunate enough to have it.

It’s often those quick moments of realization that we don’t pay enough attention to. That morning, I felt infinite.

We drove to Salmon Arm, the closest town to the cabins and we enjoyed lunch at The Shuswap Pie Company. It’s a thing. A really busy, tasty place full of sweet and savoury pies. The locals love it, so we knew we would too.

We had two savoury pies for lunch and bought a large rasbery rhubarb pie for dessert. We took that one home and ate it bite by bite with a shared fork.

Again, another moment of feeling infinite.

That night we experienced the CP Holiday Train. A train that travels across Canada and America to raise money for local food banks. The train was brightly decorated with Christmas lights and one of the cargo containers opened up and live bands played.

That night it was Sam Roberts Band. Matthew and I held hands, sang our favourite songs together and smiled.


I went to bed smiling and thinking about how much adventure means to me, Matthew and our relationship.

Life is an adventure. It calls for me in the night. I crave escaping the routine and seeing things for the first time. To people watch from a busy spot locals love. To share a coffee and a talk. To write down another city we’ve experienced together. To walk by the water and skip rocks onto a frozen lake with the man I’ve built a life with.

Sometimes I think I crave adventure because I’ve moved around so much and never knew what home truly felt like.

I’ve finally found that home.

I feel that feeling I’ve forever craved beside Matthew.

Wherever we go, whatever adventure is calling our names next, knowing that home will always be with him makes answering to adventure easy.

Happy Anniversary Matthew. I love you, our life and our adventures. You’ve got my heart. My whole heart. Always.

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