A day in Halifax




IMG_2161My stepmom Terry has never been to Halifax before, and has only been to Canada one other time, five years ago, so I thought it was fitting to spend a day exploring Halifax together.

The day started off with the three of us waking up and having some tea and toast and heading to the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market. We met my brother and my sister-in-law there and grabbed a latte and started to look around.

Terry and I bought each other a bar of soap, and my dad bought me a beautiful little silver necklace with a starfish hanging on it.

After the market my dad, Terry and I headed down to Halifax to explore the shops. We stopped on the harbourfront for lunch and my dad and Terry tried their first poutines ever! They thought they were “different but lovely.” We also spotted Theodore the Tugboat (he’s such a cutie).

We ended up at Public Gardens and had a walk around, and the three of us threw coins in the fountain and made some wishes. We also stopped at the new public library, which I have been dying to see, because of the beautiful architecture. It was worth the wait for sure, and if you’re in Halifax you must go check it out.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the perfect day to walk around the city. We ended off the afternoon with a beer at the new beer gardens on the waterfront, and clinked our glasses to a successful day all together as one family.





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