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Kelowna Women's Event

When I think about being a woman, my mind drifts to thinking about my mental health. By name, a woman has nurturing and kindness superpowers and sometimes those superpowers become drained due to not paying attention to mental health.

At least, that’s how I feel sometimes.

I’ve grown a lot since I was first sent to the hospital when I was in grade 7 to get medicated for my mental health. But, even with growth and not being on any medication anymore, I still struggle and some days I know I need to shut off and acknowledge that mentally, at that moment, I may not be doing so well. That’s been me lately. I’ve been taking small steps back from social media, my blog and situations that ask for too much energy from me. Instead, I’m focusing that needed energy on myself, my mind and my mental health. I’m spending minutes, hours and days trying to figure out what will bring me happiness and fulfill that open space in my heart. And let me tell you… the universe works in funny ways. on May 18th, I’m hosting an event called “Our Stories – Your Questions” where I will be sharing a bit of my mental health story. One thing I’ve been very open with regarding the #KelownaSisterhood and speaking at events is that I don’t have my shit together. I’m still trying to figure it out and some days are better than others. I want other females to know that we don’t have to be living our best life RIGHT NOW, we just need to be actively working towards them. That’s what matters. Tickets for Our Stories – Your Questions can be found at the link in my bio. Proceeds will be going to three amazing charities picked by the three speakers. When I was really struggling, I would have loved to hear from another woman that it’s okay and that we’re in this together. I hope that this event is that small but mighty message for you. #KelownaSisterhood #FoundryKelowna #Getloud #MentalHealth #MamasforMamas #KGHFoundation #Keepfighting #PropelWomen #ChooseKindness #kelownaevent

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Because of this, I decided to host an evening at TWP Fitness called Our Stories – Your Questions.

During this evening of openness, we will hear three speakers share their stories. We’ll talk about mental health, postpartum depression, a tumour diagnosis and the thoughts of comparison that can go through our minds. We’ll share habits and tools that have helped us and that we think you may find value in too.

You know those thoughts I’m talking about, right?

“Wow, she’s so beautiful. I wish I was that beautiful.”

“That woman is so successful. Too bad I’ll never get to where she is.”

“Her clothing is so nice and stylish. I wish I had better style.”

“I don’t deserve _______.”

“If I was only as lucky as _____.”

Etc, etc, etc.

While these thoughts have become the norm for women to think, it’s time we changed the norm.

But how do we do that?

A Kelowna Womens event

We need to stop focusing so much on another woman and start focusing on ourselves, our hearts and what makes us incredible too. We need to stop following the Instagram accounts that negatively affect our mental health, we need to stop reading those horrible articles that say how a woman should be/act, we need to remove ourself from people who break us down. We need to find a tribe of incredible women

That’s where this night comes into play.

When you close your eyes and imagine female friends and an inclusive place where you can openly talk about your current struggle and receive words of wisdom, this event is what I want you to picture.

Carly Banks of The Habit will be speaking as well as Amanda Zaal of Aim + Glow.

Carly and Amanda are incredibly inspiring and I could listen to them share for hours. Both of these women appeared in my life when I started asking the universe to show me the real, authentic women who want to truthfully encourage others. Those are the women I want in my life. When I asked to see these women, within two days, both Carly and Amanda reached out to me. 

Manifesting Magic. 

The moments I’ve spent with both of these ladies are times that I soak up and leave feeling reenergized, wiser and ready to take on the world.

I’m currently going through a season where I’m lacking a certain passion that I crave to feel. Without it, I feel like I’m going nowhere in life and that I’m nothing special (see… more of these bad thoughts I mentioned earlier that hurt my mental state).

Last night I texted Matthew, my boyfriend, saying that I simply wanted to figure out what my life purpose is.

His response was everything I needed to hear at that moment:

“Your life purpose changes as you grow and accomplish and learn.”


This is so true! What I thought was my life purpose 5 years ago is different to what I thought my life purpose was 6 months ago. I’m not sure if any of those things are my purpose anymore and I’m trying to figure out how to be okay with that. To be okay with not knowing the exact future plans and steps that I seem to obsess over. 

I know I’m going to learn some very valuable lessons on May 18th from Amanda, Carly and the women who will be sitting with us.

If you’re having any or all of these thoughts, this is the event for you! If you’re not having these thoughts, but are interested in meeting women in Kelowna, this is the event for you!

We can’t wait to share our stories and we can’t wait to learn more about you.  Proceeds for this event will be going to three important charities in Kelowna. To find out more information and to buy your tickets, visit the Eventbrite Page.


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