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A weekend away camping

My version of running away is going camping.

It’s where I feel the most grounded and the place I can go to when I need a recharge.


Recently, my adventure buddy Steffanie texted me on a Monday and asked if I wanted to go camping that weekend… August long weekend. The busiest weekend for campgrounds.

Me (being the person always up for an adventure) said yes right away.


We packed up her Jeep that Saturday and headed for Nakusp. The first night didn’t end up going quite like we imagined. We took a wrong turn… errrr, the wrong ferry and ended up on a logging island and had to sleep in her Jeep that first night. We enjoyed some cheese, wine and a good scare (sorry Steffanie). We slept (kinda) under a street light until 5am when the ferry came to rescue us.


After mucking up, we finally arrived at our campsite.

We enjoyed amazing food, tons laughs and a lot puppy cuddles with Libby our neighbour. We swam in the freezing cold waters, we adventured with no shoes on and we watched the stars until we crawled up in our tent and fell asleep to the sounds of nature.




I chopped the firewood, I made the fires and I got dirty. The ashes from the campfire fell in my hair and I smelt like a bonfire. It was almost perfect.


That weekend made me fall in love with British Columbia all over again. I was away from my laptop, my phone and any issues I was having. I was solely soaking up the sun, breathing in the mountain air, chasing waterfalls and living. No routine… no expectations… just me and my free mind.



I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Being with Steffanie and exploring this province made me happy, even if it was just for a few days. It felt good.



I crave to feel those feelings again.


I travelled to a mystical time zone, but I missed my bed, so I soon came home. – The Smiths

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