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I’m glad you’ve landed here.

I’m someone who is always searching for the magic in this world and the best coffee. I’ve lived in England, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and British Columbia. You could say I have a nomadic heart.

I am a writer and a student of life. I’m someone who has battled with my mental health since I was young. It’s constant work to be happy, healthy and moving forward. But, I’m not ashamed of where I’ve been because it’s going to bring me to where I’m going.

I hope sharing my story will help you live out your own.

The Book of Molly has transformed over the years. It’s simply my place to share my passion for travel, yoga, growing a lower-waste lifestyle, living a more intentional life and everything in between. It’s a hodgepodge of all my favourite things. The mindfulness practices I’m committing to and the lessons I’m learning along the way.

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Twitter: @thebookofmolly

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Email: molly@thebookofmolly.com

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