Bloom From Within – A Kelowna Event for Women

bloom from within

I’m on this journey with self-love.

Self-love isn’t always about having a candlelit bubble bath or painting your nails. To me, self-love is that raw feeling of knowing you need to take care of yourself and listening to it.

Last night I missed the #KelownaSisterhood circle that I’m a part of. Every other week, a group of women get together to discuss life and recently we’ve been talking about self-love/self-acceptance.

I missed last night because I knew I needed to give myself some self-love. I needed to crawl into bed early, turn off my phone and recharge. I had run myself down. I had no more to give, especially to a room full of women who are my friends. I knew they would understand.

Self-love isn’t always pretty but it’s needed.

bloom from within

Recently, I had a moment at one of those sisterhood circles where we were talking about our love languages. I know my #1 love language is quality time. I made the realization that while I give my quality time to my friends and Matthew, I never give it to myself.


I need to love myself, therefore, I need to spend quality time with myself.

On March 2nd, six incredible women are coming together to talk self-love and the road we’ve taken to self-acceptance in Kelowna. This will be another #KelownaSisterhood event hosted by myself and Wildfire Women.

But, what’s different about this panel?

I’m not hosting this one, I’m speaking at it! I can’t wait to share with you more about what I’ve lived and how I’m continuing to love.

Bloom From Within is about finding yourself, being heard, listening to your body and taking the time for self-love. We’ll hear personal stories and self-love practices we can all begin.

Self-love starts from within, it’s time to bloom!

Bloom From Within starts at 7:00 pm at The Women’s Place.

Tickets are $10 each with partial proceeds going to Mamas for Mamas.

To learn more about the women who will be speaking at this event, make sure you’re following The Book of Molly and Wildfire Women on Facebook and Instagram.

Buy your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/bloom-from-within-becoming-powerful-women-from-the-inside-out-tickets-42656462628

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