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    My First Trimester of Pregnancy

    I found out I was expecting our first baby on September 14th. I was supposed to get my period the day before and I didn’t, so I went to the store…

  • investing in myself - yoga in kelowna

    5 ways I’m investing in myself in 2020

    This is the year that I intentionally invest in myself. I’ve put myself off for far too long and I don’t want to keep doing that. There’s no one who is…

  • therapy thoughts
    Empowerment Life

    Therapy Thoughts | Part One

    On Monday I went to my first therapy appointment in nearly four years. It was a big turning point for me and I thought the best way to start the year. …

  • Life

    2019 was hard.

    As I sit here staring at this blank page, all I can think about was how hard 2019 was. While everyone is sharing their Year in Review, best of nine Instagram…