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  • Life

    3 Personal Highlights From September

    Happy October! I can’t believe it’s already October. Soon, the snow will be falling, Christmas trees will be lit and Matthew and I will be celebrating our first Christmas (and anniversary)…

  • Life

    A Fall Whitening with Okanagan Smiles

    The fall for me is always a second New Year’s Eve. Does anyone else feel that way? When it hits September or October, I get this overwhelming sense of starting fresh…

  • Here's why I stopped blogging

    Why I Stopped Blogging

    Hello, it’s me. You haven’t heard from me in awhile. I went quiet on social media, stopped posting on my blog and decided to get out of my head for awhile.…

  • Fitness Life

    3 Personal Highlights From July

    Can you believe it’s already August? That means there are only 140 days until Christmas! … Too soon? This past month has been a busy one. It’s seen me focus on…

  • Life Sightseeing

    Photo Diary: Best Friends in BC

    Two of my longest friends packed their suitcases and traveled to British Columbia to visit me. I haven’t seen Jasmine in four years and Sonia in about 2. It’s been a…

  • Life

    five highlights from the month of june

    Can anyone else believe it’s nearly the middle of July already? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was on my third date with my boyfriend and it was…