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  • Life Motivational

    October Goals

    I see the fall as a way to refresh my life. I’m not sure if it’s because it always felt like a new year of school meant a new me, or…

  • Life

    Wardrobe Wednesday: Travel edition

    I have traveled a lot in my life within Canada, so today I’m going to take the chance to use Wardrobe Wednesday to talk about my travel needs and clothing choices.…

  • Life

    My cat adoption story

    I’ve always had cats, which makes it easy for me to call myself a crazy cat lady, and be okay with it, because it’s completely and utterly true. My childhood cat…

  • Life

    Wardrobe Wednesday: Cheap Finds

      Growing up in Nova Scotia we have this store called Frenchys, which is a second hand shop in many east coat towns. Now I grew up on Frenchys, I found brand…