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  • illusion of perfection
    Life mindfulness Motivational

    The Illusion of Perfection

    Our society is obsessed with showcasing highlight reels on social media. Because of this, we can end up feeling bad about ourselves since we’re not living up to others perfect(ly captured) lives.…

  • Fitness mindfulness

    My 10KM Race

    Recently I ran my first ever 10 km race. Now this may not seem like a huge deal for some people, but for me it was a milestone in my adult…

  • mindfulness

    My Spirit Guide

    This morning I woke up needing something more. I woke up in need of feeling something deeper than I usually do on weekends. I needed to feel this grounding and connected…

  • mindfulness

    My Last ‘A-HA’ Moment

    I recently watched an old video of Lauren Toyota’s where she answered a question that I asked her. Lauren is someone I look up for for a lot of different reasons.…

  • mindfulness

    No Makeup Update

    It’s been more than 20 days since I last wore makeup, and let me tell you.. it’s been empowering. I gave up makeup for Lent this year. I decided to give…

  • mindfulness Sightseeing

    Leaving the Comfort Zone

    This is the year that I am getting outside of my comfort zone and trying new things. I’ve been pushing myself to experience things I normally wouldn’t because of my anxiety.…

  • mindfulness

    Giving Up Makeup

    Let me start with saying being a girl can be hard sometimes. Society primarily judges us on our looks and secondly on our intelligence. We are taught we have to shave…

  • mindfulness

    2016 Intentions

    It’s a new year, a fresh start, and the beginning of a ton of unrealistic resolutions people will make. Instead of making resolutions this year I have decided to set 2016…

  • mindfulness

    Sunday “Me” Time

    My “Sunday” routine may be a bit different than yours, since I don’t actually have Sunday off. At work right now I am the weekend journalist, so I work over the…