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  • mindfulness

    What I’m grateful for

    The other day I walked around downtown Kelowna by myself. I like exploring alone, because some of my greatest ideas and deepest thoughts happen to me during those times. When I…

  • mindfulness

    My September goals

    September for me is going to be a month of traveling, change, and new beginnings, but that’s a whole other post.. This is about my goals, and what I want to…

  • mindfulness

    My calm box review

    Last week my very first Calm Box showed up at my door. I had been expecting the box for a while, but as soon as it appeared I was like a…

  • mindfulness

    An empowering burlesque class

    Last night I went to a burlesque class with two of my girlfriends in Thompson. I used to highland dance, as well as took ballet classes when I was younger, but…

  • mindfulness Sightseeing

    Weekend Getaway: Part Two

    During the first weekend of August my friend and I went on a road trip camping. If you haven’t read my Weekend Getaway: Part one stop what you’re doing! Click on the…