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  • Sightseeing

    Knox Mountain

    Thursday afternoon before Lori and I cooked our early thanksgiving meal at my place, we decided to visit Knox Mountain. We were told this is a tourist attraction and a must…

  • Sightseeing

    Lunch in Peachland

    On Thursday, the final day Lori was here we drove down the highway 15 minutes to a small town called Peachland. We went to the cafe Bliss Bakery and had lunch outside…

  • Life Sightseeing

    A day in the life: Wineries

    One thing about The Okanagan Valley I find amazing is the amount of wineries. A friend of Lori’s worked at Mission Hill Winery years ago here, so Lori wanted to visit…

  • Sightseeing

    My road trip across Canada

    This road trip from Manitoba to British Columbia has taught me a lot of things, and I want to share them all with you, province by province! Saskatchewan:  1. There are…