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  • Sightseeing

    Shooting stars and cliff jumping

    On Wednesday night there was a meteor shower in Thompson, so after work I went and picked up my friend and we went on a little hunt for shooting stars. We…

  • mindfulness Sightseeing

    Weekend Getaway: Part Two

    During the first weekend of August my friend and I went on a road trip camping. If you haven’t read my Weekend Getaway: Part one stop what you’re doing! Click on the…

  • Sightseeing

    Weekend Getaway: Part one

    To start off let me explain where Thompson is if you’ve never looked at a map. It’s eight hours north of Winnipeg/civilization. It’s remote, isolated, and above the 55 parallel. With…

  • Sightseeing

    Flashback Friday: Outdoor adventures

    I’ve always been told that being outside awakens your soul. It opens you up to different feelings and sensations, and lately I’ve been feeling those things within myself way more than…