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Embrace The Mystery

I travelled to Mexico this past week.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been down south (other than Florida) and the first time I’ve gone on vacation outside of Canada/America. Mexico opened my eyes to what’s outside of my comfort zone and there are so many lessons I’ve learned that I’ll share on here in the next little while.

But, today, it’s all about embracing the mystery.

When Matt and I rented a car to drive to Tulum it was the mystery of this new city that intrigued me. I wanted to see something new. My friend Nico used to always ask me “When was the last time you did something for the first time” and it’s one of my all time favourite questions.

It’s a question that kept coming back to me during this trip. I wanted to embrace the mystery of the places I’ve never seen, the people I’ve never met and the views of Mexico I’ve only seen on a screen.

I wanted renting that car, driving on a highway in Mexico (in the passenger seat) and visiting a city I’ve longed to visit to be the things I did for the first time that day. I wanted to have an answer for Nico if he asked me.

When we were in the rental car, trying to navigate crazy Mexico traffic (more on this later), I kept seeing these magical signs on the side of the highway.

“You’re Exactly Where You’re Meant To Be”

“Here is Now”

“Stay Present”

and then…

“Embrace The Mystery”

Right beside the beach where we were planning to stop in Tulum.

Faith. The Universe. Mother earth. They were all speaking to me and showing me that in order to live the most fulfilling life I so deeply crave to live, I need to embrace the mystery.

I can’t have anything figured out. I can’t obsess over my future career, my unborn children, my non existant marriage and the home we have yet to buy because none of that is here yet.

What is here right now is here right now. That’s it. And everything else will come when it’s supposed to.

I must embrace the mystery of life in order to fully live. I’ve been far too obsessed with my future self for too long. I gravitate towards my future because I’ve had many horrible things happen to me. I believe if I can create this amazing and picture perfect future then others will see me as finally successful. That I did something with my life. I’ve felt so far behind in life compared to my friends. I don’t have a husband. I don’t have children. I don’t own a home. I moved across the country and what is it that I have accomplished?

But, the moral of the story is, I ALREADY AM successful. I’ve accomplished so much in life because I’ve embraced the mystery. It was me who accepted a job in northern Manitoba. It was me who packed up my car with all of my belongings and moved to Kelowna not knowing anyone and found a home here.

It was me who left a town, a toxic relationship, and a family that wasn’t supporting me. It was me who found myself in the ashes of a life that was simply burning me alive.

I’ve gone through those things and I’ve come out the other side. I’ve been able to save money to travel and see the world with my partner who I met and who loves me for me. My past. My present and the future me we don’t even know yet.

In order to embrace the mystery, I must move on from the past and let go of the future. I have to honour the mystery because I know faith, the universe and mother earth have my back. Once I accept that… everything will openly flow for me.

I’m ready to embrace the mystery.

I’m ready for more signs like this one to come into my life and allow my future to seamlessly flow into my present without creating a sense of anxiety and urgency over these “things” I must do to become “successful”.

If you’re waiting for a sign to focus more on the present and the mysrery of LIFE, let this be it.

All we really need to know and pay attention to is NOW. This very moment.

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