My Fitness File: Running Through July

running in July

When was the last time I did a “my fitness file?” It’s been a HOT minute.

I pretty much “gave up” fitness and working out for a little while because I just felt like it. I wasn’t motivated to go to the gym because I wasn’t seeing any results.

I was having a lot of negative thoughts about my body and how I looked and I just wasn’t in a good head space. I didn’t want to continue going to the gym in that mindset because I knew it wasn’t healthy.

so, I took some time off. I didn’t focus on my fitness, I spent time with people I loved, I just lived and I spent time out in nature. It wasn’t a bad thing that I stopped going to the gym. I think everyone once in awhile needs to take a break and enjoy life more.

It’s sometimes hard to continue going to the gym. Continue eating healthy. Continue feeling good. Especially for me… it got too much in my head and I knew I needed to take a step back.

But something clicked about two weeks ago. I was scheduling my Real Women Wednesday post with Leigh Norman and she talked about running a half marathon and the commitment that took.

That’s when I remembered that one of my new year’s resolutions this year was to RUN a half marathon. So, in a matter of two days, I found the half marathon I wanted to do, I signed up for it and I started going back to TWP Fitness.

Running materials for half marathon

I got thinking… If I didn’t commit to the half marathon NOW, I wouldn’t accomplish my 2017 goal.

It feels good to be back at the gym and it feels good to be feeling good. I’m excited to start training. I’ve met with a nutritionist at my local gym who said she’s going to come up with a meal plan for me and I’m soon meeting with a running coach to start training.

I sometimes catch myself looking in my mirror expecting results right away and saying negative things about my body and shape, but then I take a breath and remember that I LOVE myself. Just the way I am. The gym needs to be a healthy place for me and I’m learning how to make it one. I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below about how you make the gym a healthy relationship/place.

21 km is a long distance, but I needed some sort of push to get me back in the healthy headspace of working out and this was exactly it. So, thank you, Leigh.

If you haven’t checked off all of your New Year’s resolutions, I urge you to take another look at them. They may seem overwhelming, but they may also be the push that you need right now.

This means My Fitness Files are back up and running (get it… get it?!)

Let’s get fit, healthy and happy together.

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    Laura Lushington
    July 31, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    Love that you went after your goals! And, I love the starting photo. GORGEOUS!

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