five highlights from the month of june

Can anyone else believe it’s nearly the middle of July already? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was on my third date with my boyfriend and it was New Year’s Eve.

But, alas, that was a long time ago and 2017 is now half way over. Before we flip another calendar page, I want to share five highlights from the month of June.

Last month was a busy one for me. Every weekend I had plans and I felt like I barely saw my cat, Obi. The month obviously went by too fast, but I have some great memories that I will hold onto from those 30 days.

Adult Summer CampAdult Summer Camp - JCI

Matt and I went back to our roots and attended summer camp in June. He had been to that camp as a kid in the winter and I had gone to summer camp as a kid and was a camp counselor in Ontario for a summer.

the weekend was full of heartfelt conversations, canoe races, coffee and campfires. There were more than 30 people at the camp and it was a weekend I will never forget.

Adult Summer Camp - JCI

It made me quite nostalgic for my childhood, but at the same time, I felt like I went back to my kid-like state of mind that weekend. People were outside their comfort zones, there were no judgments and people were carefree, a little reckless and really happy.

Playing Tour Guide for Jess

My friend Jess from Ontario came to visit me in June. It was a weekend of exploring the Okanagan and being babes on a budget. Well, I was on a budget (more on that in another blog post) and she started her budget when she got back to Ontario.


Playing host for Jess reminded me that I live in the most beautiful place in Canada. I have mountains outside my windows, birds singing me good morning and beautiful sunny weather. I’m so lucky!

Wildfire Women Photoshoot

I took part in the summer photoshoot for Wildfire Women. The online magazine, which you can read here, was founded by my friend Brittney.

Taking part in that photoshoot and surrounding myself with real women completely filled me with joy. My heart grew two sizes bigger that day and because of that day, something was formed…

Real Women Wednesday

My new series on The Book of Molly. I started this series after having a bit of a meltdown at my boyfriend’s house. I was feeling inadequate compared to other bloggers/women and it was breaking my heart.

I feel lost sometimes. Emotionally and mentally lost. I have these big dreams and high hopes but sometimes I don’t feel like I’m ever going to reach them. I constantly compare myself to others and it knocks my self-esteem below ground level. I ache to be the person I want to be, but I fear I’m never going to be her. I come on social media and I get lost in the beautiful women who seem to have it all. I know I tell you on my blog to own it and be yourself. That you’re amazing and capable of anything, but why is it so hard to take your own advice? I feel drained and a little empty and I usually don’t share this stuff but I thought it was time to be authentic. The world needs more people telling you how it really is instead of pretending to have this instagramable life all the time. I’m going away to a summer camp this weekend with my boyfriend and there isn’t going to be any cell signal. It’s going to be a weekend of trying to fill my heart back up with joy, laughter and self love. After this weekend I’m going to take a break. I don’t know when I’ll be back on social media. I need to find myself again. I will be continuing to blog and if anyone wants to reach out to me, please email me at or through I’ll see you when I see you.

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I ended up stepping away from social media for awhile to clear my head and that’s when I got asked to take part in the Wildfire Women photo shoot. That day, speaking to all those incredible women, I thought to myself, I need to showcase these creatives.

The real women who are igniting their fire, finding their passion and facing their brick walls. It was incredible, inspiring and empowering.

That day I realized my purpose in life is to empower women to reach their potential without letting the fear of being different stop them.



Check back on The Book of Molly every Wednesday for a new feature Q&A. If you’d like to be featured, email me at or message me on social media at @thebookofmolly.

Pop-Up Dinner with Matthew

Matthew told me he had a surprise for me and I instantly got all giddy. I love surprises. I eventually figured out what it was with a bit of questioning and it was a ticket to a pop-up dinner that his friend was hosting.

Let me just say, it was incredible. One of the best meals of my life.

Matt and I were walking downtown and I was trying to figure out where this event was going to be held. We eventually walked into Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery and were immediately given sparkling wine. That’s something I could get used to!

It ended up being a three-course meal that featured Duck, fresh salad with ingredients from the Kelowna Farmers Market, fresh vegetables from the chef’s garden, lentil fritters and a whole entire dining room table full of desserts.

#dessert #table #pop up #dinner #kitchensynccatering #yummy #chef

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This dinner was something that I’ve never experienced before. Matt and I sat at a table full of people we didn’t know and laughed, joked and ate amazing foods. It was the perfect date night. Well done Matt and Kitchen Sync Catering!

So, to say the least, June was an exciting month. I spent time with the ones I love and cherish, ate mouth-watering foods, worked on myself and started a new series that will empower women on the blog.

What were your highlights from June? Let me know in the comments below.



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