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Half Marathon Running Roadblock: I Got Hit By a Car in Kelowna

When I started running, I wasn’t a runner. I hated every moment of it, I couldn’t run far because of my lungs (I smoked for many many years) and I didn’t have the desire to exercise.

But, I ran my first 5km in Manitoba, then a 10km in Kelowna and last year I did my first 20km race in a snowstorm.

During that race, I felt every emotion possible and I was ready to quit and never run again. It was -5, the snow was falling and there was ice covering the ground the whole entire run. It was horrid and it felt like torture.

I finished that race believing I wasn’t going to run again.

But, I decided I wanted to try a half marathon in the summer months. When there wasn’t any snow, howling winds or ice. I decided to sign up for the Vancouver Scotiabank half marathon with my friend, which is happening on June 24.

My 10km race in Kelowna

I started training, I was feeling good, I didn’t have that pure hatred I had before and my desire to exercise was at an all-time high.

Then it happened… I was hit by a car when I was running on the sidewalk.

Thankfully, the car wasn’t going too fast as they were coming out of their driveway, but it didn’t stop my body from toppling into some serious pain.

When I was hit, I was able to grab onto the SUV to stop it from hurting my body more. I made eye contact with the lady, who mouthed “I’m sorry” and drove off. I’d like to think she didn’t realize how hard she hit me because she was in a big SUV.

I was so frazzled that I didn’t stop to look at her license plate or what house she had just come from. I just wanted to get home to call Matthew.

My 20km race

Nothing like this has ever happened to me and I don’t wish it on anyone.

After I got hit, we went to the hospital where I got x-rays and was told that nothing was seriously wrong and I would feel back to normal in about two weeks.

It’s been over a month now and the pain is still extremely noticeable every day.

I called RCMP to report the hit and run and they told me they couldn’t do anything since I didn’t have a plate number or a house address. ICBC said the same thing and said since I was a pedestrian and didn’t know the car that hit me, they weren’t able to help.

So, I’ve been taking it easy. I’ve gotten a massage and I’ve visited my chiropractor. I’ve been rolling out my body, but my shoulder is still screaming.

This accident has put me behind on my training for my June race and I’ve had to sit and really think about this race. I want to continue but I’ve had to accept a couple of things:

  • I will run this race but I may have to walk some and that’s okay
  • This race may not be a personal best and that’s okay
  • I will not keep up with my friend and that’s okay
  • I won’t be able to hit each training run and that’s okay
  • I will need to take more rest days and that’s okay

To be truthful, these “That’s okay” moments are hard to accept. I feel like I’ve shit the bed and it’s never easy accepting that you’re not able to do something that you’ve been working hard on completing.

I have to remember that crossing the finish line is what matters, what doesn’t matter is the time on the clock.

This accident has made me increasingly frightened of cars. When I’m walking, running or biking, I’m constantly on the lookout. When I’m in a car, I’m a nervous wreck.

But, this will not stop me. I will continue to slowly train. I’m working on eliminating the thoughts of hatred for running that are seeping back into my mind. 

I have about one month until my shoes hit Stanley Park for my race where I will do my absolute best but I’ll be okay with myself if it’s not the half marathon I planned for it to be. I’m  just thankful that the accident wasn’t that bad. I will be okay and it has been a big “slow down” lesson in the book of molly.

Life happens and sometimes cars get in the way… Please, everyone, watch where you’re driving.

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    Patrice Gibson
    May 22, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    Molly – when was this and where? I hope you are okay.
    love you and i am worried

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