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Igniting the Kelowna Sisterhood

On Friday night, Brittney and I ignited the Kelowna Sisterhood.

It’s an event that has been in the works for over a month now and quite honestly, now that it’s over, I’m not sure what to do with myself. (Maybe start planning the next one?!)

The aim of the night was to connect women offline in Kelowna. We live in such a digital age that we make friends on social media and we stay friends via social media. I’ve met so many friends in Kelowna through Instagram, but I’ve made it a priority to connect with them offline.

Igniting the Kelowna sisterhood panelists

On Friday, we brought together 50 women (give or take) and let them meet each other. It wasn’t a networking event. It wasn’t a name tag event. It was a place to have raw, feminine conversations and form empowering connections.

We started the night with Syren + The Waves. The band is headed by Hillary, a woman I met through Brittney. Her music filled the patio at Esther and Sons and it was truly mesmerizing.

At one point I was standing in the back, with my head against the wall, tapping my toes and smiling ear to ear. At that moment I felt it. The feminine power that filled that small space. Our hearts were opening and I could feel it. I looked around and I knew that the evening was going to be powerful and a success.

We went on to play an ice breaker game to allow for the women to speak to one another. One thing I was really passionate about and I know Brittney was to, was to create a wholeness to the event. We didn’t want it to be audience and panel. We wanted it to have a togetherness. It was incredible watching these women who didn’t know each other connect and laugh. There was so much laughter.

As the game came to an end, the panel began. Brittney and I worked hard to pick the right women to be on our panel. We wanted inspiring, real, authentic women and that’s exactly what we got. All six women we wanted at the panel agreed to be a part of it. I want to thank each woman for wanting to be a part of Friday night. You are all such incredible women and I’m felt so inspired listening to your hearts through your words.

The women involved opened themselves up to the audience. They shared stories about their families, mental health, friendships, their businesses and what being a woman means to them. We talked about creating a Kelowna Sisterhood and how we can work together as women to build an uplifting community, instead of seeing other women as competition. The panelists told us when they last cried and secrets were shared… that we won’t mention again. (Our lips are sealed with love Jaclyn)

Time seemed to have been stolen from us near the end because when I looked at my watch, it was already time to end the panel. I had so many more questions I wanted to ask these women. I guess I’ll just have to save them for next time.

I just want to thank every single woman who attended and for everyone who watched my live video of Facebook. Together, we are creating something big. This is the first of many events put on by Wildfire Women and The Book of Molly.

One woman at the end of the night asked how we can continue to connect. With that question, I answered that we would create a separate Facebook group. Today I created the Facebook group “Kelowna Sisterhood”. This is a space where women can discuss different topics, we can post about upcoming events and meetups and women can connect with other women in one space. Please join the Facebook group! Also, if you’d like to use the hashtag #KelownaSisterhood, we’d love to connect via social media.

If you’re looking for a hiking partner, a coffee buddy or a woman to just become friends with, this is your space where you can look for one. Friends helping Friends. Women helping women.

It’s an incredible thing when you open your heart and you see the possibilities open up to you.

Thank you to every woman I got the chance to hug and shake hands with on Friday night. Each and every one of you made Friday a success and I feel so humbled that people loved the night.

Cheers to many more,



Being in @missuniversecanada has taught me so many things. Many things about MYSELF AND MY LIMITS in fact… the verdict? Though I’m not limitless (yet), I never knew I was able to push myself this hard and accomplish so much. I fully realized this yesterday speaking on the #kelownasisterhood panel (put on by @wildfire_women and @thebookofmolly). ? There were business owners, mothers, media personalities, makeup lovers… up there with me and the list goes on. But it made me realize, I had something in common with all of them… we are all vulnerable and fearless, fearless to love others unconditionally which makes us stronger and so powerful. ? But those are the qualities that also make all of us soooooo capable of going beyond what our minds and bodies tell us we can’t do and enables us to say WE CAN. ————— So thank you to #missuniversecanada for teaching me what a firecracker I am. And thank you to @jennymckinneymua, @okanaganlifestyle, @vintage.origami.weddings, @karlyfiddes, and @thebrooklyndiaries for SHOWING me what my future will look like if I always choose to lead with love. You ladies are an inspiration to many, but most definitely to me…. ❤️ ————— {location: @eventcenteragourahills} {jumpsuit: @marciano + @guess} {extensions: @creamsalons} {hair color: @recreate_by_ashley + @purnamastylelounge} {photo cried: @abscain}

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I can finally take this moment in! I’ve reflected so much about myself and who I am this weekend and have these people to thank. A few weeks ago I attended a panel and I kept dreaming of being on that stage – the power of visualization. Around that time, I was asked by @brittneyandreesen from @wildfire_women to speak! It was their first panel and my first panel and it was completely out of my comfort zone… and it was so liberating. Thank you also to @thebookofmolly for asking us great questions, and to all the women I shared this lil stage with – thank you for being you. You are all so incredibly different and vary in profession, background, faith, age and experience and it was eye opening. We were vulnerable and passionate and we laughed and to the dozens of souls who showed up, thank you for being so warm. Thank you for saying hello with the intention of connection. I am so grateful to have planted some roots here in the Okanagan as I start to carve my path – the people here are filled with love. Finding my calling of connection leaves me fulfilled. ?

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