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My Role Model



My role model isn’t a famous Hollywood actress, or a well-known philanthropist; she’s a woman whom I’ve watched growing up, knowing I wanted to be just like her when I became an adult.

I met Lori when I was 7 years old, and she was my big sister, from Big Brother Big Sister Foundation. We used to go on little dates, like bowling, going to the movies, and we even went horse back riding once.

When I was that young I appreciated Lori, but I never really understood how much having her in my life would mean to me as I grew older.

Fast forward a few years, when I really needed an adults support in my life, Lori was there. She listened to me, and maybe didn’t understand or agree with how my life was going, but she was there, and that’s all I needed. The Florida trip she took me on quite frankly saved my life, and showed me that I was loved and cared about.

After college I moved to Ontario to stay with Lori and her husband Bill, and this is when it really hit me, how much Lori means to me, and how she really is the most important person in my life.

Now I’ve always wanted a big family. I’ve wanted a loving mom and dad, who were together, and I wanted cousins around, and my aunts and uncles to be present, and although technically I have a pretty big family, we aren’t close. The Pettersone family (Lori’s family) however is, and automatically welcomed me into their family.

I went to family dinners, events, and spent holidays together. We came together during celebrations, and mourned together during tragedies. The Pettersone family may not be related to me by blood, but they’re all related to me by the beating of my heart, because I love them all so much! They’re my glue. Lori may not be my biological mom, but she’s always been a mother to me, showing me the way, walking beside me with a smile on her face.

I look up to Lori for many different reasons, but here are some of the top reasons:

She’s beautiful inside and out

Lori has the most beautiful soul I’ve ever experienced in a person. Everyone loves her, and she gives off such positive vibes when you’re around her. I can’t help but laugh, and have a full heart when I’m in her presence. Plus she looks hot as hell at her age, with her newfound love for fashion.

She loves fully and completely

I’ve never met someone who loves things more than Lori does. She loves her family and puts her family before anything else, including herself. Lori loves animals, has been a part of many different fights for good causes, and since I’ve known her she’s sponsored children in different places around the world, helping give strangers the normal necessities. If she wasn’t as caring as she is, she would have never signed up to be a big sister, and I would have never met her!

Not to mention that she’s completely head over heels for her husband, which melts my heart. It’s been such a pleasure growing up and seeing such a loving relationship, showing me that it is possible.

She has always stuck by my side

She may not agree with my tattoos, and doesn’t like the fact I’m living in Thompson, way too far away from her, but she doesn’t hold those things against me. She’s always been my biggest supporter.

Lori and Bill did a road trip out to Nova Scotia with me just so she could attend my college graduation, which meant so much to me, more than she knows.


She takes life for what it is, and makes her own fun

Lori has traveled so much in her life, and I really look up to that. She’d had the chance to see the world outside of Ontario, and experience new things. She even traveled to England and had dinner with my dad! I always look forward to when Lori travels, so I can sort of experience it with her, through all the photographs she takes.

Other than traveling I’ve had some amazing memories and fun times with her. Those include a carnival where we met a goat we actually tried to convince Bill to let us buy, to our nightly dinner tradition eating in the living room, in our designated seats watching Family Feud, to dancing the night away at the Black Horse in Ontario. Whenever I hear Brown Eyed Girl, I think of Lori and smile.

If I were to explain every reason why I look up to Lori, and why she is my role model we would be here all day! I’ll leave it at that, but say one more thing, Lori is my saving grace. She showed me life was worth living, when I didn’t think that myself.

Lori is a mother to me as much as I am a daughter to her, and I love her more than I thought loving someone was possible. If it wasn’t for the love and support Lori and her family has given me, I wouldn’t be where I am today in life, for that I think everyone in that family.

Who is your role model?




If I didn’t have you as a mom, I would choose you as a friend.

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