My Spirit Guide

This morning I woke up needing something more.

I woke up in need of feeling something deeper than I usually do on weekends. I needed to feel this grounding and connected feeling so I decided to do some yoga and meditation.

After I did a runner yoga session on Youtube, since my body hurt after my run from yesterday, I decided to do a Youtube guided meditation. The meditation was 40 minutes long, but about 20 minutes into the session I got what I needed so I stopped it there.


The meditation was about spirit guides.

I got the meditation area of my home all ready and I sat down and started to get comfortable. After a few minutes of deep breathing and being open a spirit guide came to me. Now I completely and utterly believe in guides, angels or some higher thing being around and helping you out.

When I was younger my mom, brother and I lived in a women’s shelter for awhile. During the time there a lady came and did reiki on me. When she did it she had to stop and started to cry and told me I had some sort of healing within me.

I know I am a very sensitive person emotionally, but I also am very sensitive to energy. If there’s bad energy in a home or at a workplace I can feel it. It seeps inside of me and I take it with me, which sometimes leaves me feeling so drained. (I’m trying to figure out how to release the energy build ups inside of me)

Anyways… back to my mediation.


When I was meditating a centaur came and met me. He was above my head and his name was Gregory. He was either half man/half horse or half man/half deer.

During the guided meditation the person asked you to ask your spirit guide a question.

I asked Gregory what happiness is to me, or what makes me happy.

The three answers I got were:

1. Love

2. Openness

3. Realness

After those three answers came I turned off the meditation because that was all I needed for today.


None of these things are tangible items that make me happy. They’re not a job/career choice, a book, a friend, or a piece of makeup. These are three feelings and traits that make me happy. It really stuck with me and made me realize I need to think of happiness more as non-materialistic things and not just tangible items.

When I started to search about Centaurs I couldn’t find too much stuff. I think I will have to go to a book store for more information. However one website did say “Centaur people are often philosophical and intellectual but at the same time capricious and full of good humour. They are often a seemingly unpredictable study in extremes.”


I don’t know if gregory will ever appear again for me, but all I know is that meditation was very meaningful to me.

What makes you happy?


A body is just a body… it is the soul that matters.

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    Robert Adkisson
    March 28, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    This is a fantastic article! I’ve been wanting to connect with my spirit guides for a while now but have not put forth the effort yet. Other things occupy my time. It’s my own fault, but I need to just do it and find some answers. I enjoyed the tone of your post, too.

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    April 11, 2016 at 1:15 am

    I loved this! It sounds like you are definitely in tune with others around you and their energy, which I’m sure can be really exhausting! Love your meditation cat! 🙂

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