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3 Personal Highlights From July

Can you believe it’s already August? That means there are only 140 days until Christmas! … Too soon?

This past month has been a busy one. It’s seen me focus on my wildest dreams and spend time with some really special people to me. July was a hot month in Kelowna and I’ve loved heading to the beach for a quick dip with Matthew after work or sports games.

I’ve been writing these blog posts about my favourite personal moments from the past months and I’ve really enjoyed looking back. It has allowed me to remember all the incredible things that are happening in my life and I love sharing it with you and saving it for me to view in the future.

Here are my top three personal highlights from July.


My best friends came for a visit

personal highlight of July was when Jasmine and sonia came. Here we are pictured at a winery

This was my absolute highlight from this past month and maybe this whole year. I’ve missed my best friends so much and it was amazing having them here, experiencing my life.

I hadn’t seen Jasmine in four years and the last time I saw Sonia was nearly two years ago. We had A LOT to catch up on. I mean they both created babies that aren’t even babies anymore. And I’ve created a life here, in British Columbia.

I picked the girls up from the airport and we headed straight to the beach. We spent a lot of time in or around the water during their holiday. It honestly felt like I had seen them yesterday. Having Jasmine and Sonia here made me realize how important they really are to me.

Jasmine, Sonia and I drinking while they were on holiday in Kelowna

They’re my non-biological family. They know me unlike anyone else knows me. I feel 100% comfortable in myself when they’re around and my heart just feels so full of happiness. It was great having them here. I’m so proud of both of them and what they’re accomplishing in life. They’re incredible chicks, raising beautiful children and they’re both kick ass career women too.

When they left, I got pretty homesick because I missed that feeling of completeness that they gave me. It’s been an interesting learning experience because I need to work on feeling complete without the help of anyone.

But, I do miss them and I miss having such true friends by me like that.

Igniting the Kelowna Sisterhood

LSITEN UP!!!!! The Book of Molly and Wildfire Women are joining forces to help create a Kelowna sisterhood. _ On August 11th at 7 pm at Esther & Sons Cafe, we are holding our first event called Igniting the Kelowna Sisterhood. We are inviting women together to meet, interact and be vulnerable with each other. _ I will be hosting a panel with a handful amazing, brilliant and powerful women. We will speak about their lives, passions, being women in business, community and how we can build friendships and a positive tribe of women in Kelowna. _ Here is our panelist lineup: _ @karlyfiddes ? 99.9 SunFM Morning Host _ @jennymckinneymua ?Professional Makeup Artist _ @vintage.origami.weddings ? Wedding Decorator _ @thebrooklyndiaries ? Evening Show Host at Q103.1 _ @shanelle.connell ? Miss Universe Canada Finalist _ @jaclyn_emily ? Founder of Okanagan Lifestyle _ A local singer & songwriter ( @syrenandthewaves ) will kick off the evening with her beautiful voice before we introduce everyone by playing a fun game. After the panel, there will be a Q&A section for you to ask any questions to the guest speakers. _ Tickets to this event are free but there is a capacity of 50 people at the cafe. So, please visit our eventbrite page for tickets. Search “Igniting the Kelowna Sisterhood”! Bring your printed off ticket with you to ensure you’ll be part of this fulfilling event. _ We can’t wait to see you at this event!!! ? #KelownaSisterhood

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It’s happening!!! I’m hosting and putting on my first event this month and it all came to fruition in July. It’s going to be this Friday and I’ll be hosting a panel with 6 incredible women in Kelowna. We’re going to talk about womanhood, sisterhood, passion, business and creating an uplifting tribe of women in the city.

I’m putting the event on with my dear friend Brittney, founder of Wildfire Women, an amazing online magazine.

Tickets for the event sold out in less than 24 hours, but if you didn’t grab one… don’t worry! I’ll be broadcasting the whole event live on my Facebook and Instagram. So, be sure to tune in.

Signing up for my half marathon

I signed up for my very first half marathon! It’s a huge commitment and I’m quite honestly peeing my pants with nerves LOL! I can’t imagine running for more than 20 km. But, I was prepping an RWW with Leigh Norman, a woman I so strongly look up to, and she was talking about her half marathon.

After that, I looked at my 2017 New Year’s resolutions and I realized that running a half marathon was one of them! So, I figured out… if not now, when? I signed up for a race in Penticton and I’ve started to train again at the gym. Thank you, TWP Fitness for always having my back when it comes to gym, nutrition, running coaches and a heavenly atmosphere.

[Read More: My Fitness File: Running Through July]

If anyone has any running tips… I would LOVE to hear them.

A lot of other great things happened this past month. I went on many adventures with Matthew and we’re continuing to grow our relationship.

We all have passion projects. Things we want to accomplish but are too afraid to start. FEAR is holding us back and once we realize that fear is only an emotion – not a way of life, our projects will launch ? I’ve been waking up confused lately and my heart hasn’t been able to settle. I have a thing with comparing my mile 3 with someone else’s mile 10. I question why I haven’t “made it” yet. Why I’m not being heard. But then I remember, I am being heard and I want to thank each and every one of YOU who follows my life through #TheBookofMolly ? You all bring me so much joy and fulfillment and as soon as I feel like my passion project isn’t coming along as fast as I would like it to, I remember that everything happens for a reason… at the right time. Don’t forget that you’re here for a PURPOSE ✨You are unlike anyone else and your passion projects and your purpose are needed in this world. Can we all work together to eliminate the fear that holds us back? Let’s run towards those brick walls because they’re meant to be broken! Let’s stop fear from leading our lives because we should be the ones in charge of creating and reaching our dreams. #ignitethefire #chaseyourdreams

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I spent a lot of time with some kind and genuine women who are showing me the best the world has to offer. I’ve been OBSESSED with podcasts and I’m trying focus on inner self-betterment.

What was your favourite moment of July? Let me know in the comments below!

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