Postcards From New York City

Since Lori and I met when I was seven, we’ve been talking about travelling to New York City together. It’s been our holiday that we’ve always wanted to do together. I remember when I was young, Lori and her husband Bill went to New York City and the photos she showed me were the definition of magic.

It’s a city of bright lights and crowded sidewalks and a place I’ve only known to be true in movies and tv shows…

When Lori and I talked about flying to NYC, we always planned to go with Meredith, who is Lori’s niece. She and I had a lot of similarities and I always gravitated towards her during family events. Her heart was genuine and true and her smile lit up every single room she was in. A trip with the three of us would have been a riot.

Sadly, Meredith tragically lost her battle with mental health and we were never able to travel to NYC the three of us.

But, for my 25th birthday, Lori and I decided it would be the perfect time to head to the city that never sleeps. When we got there we decided to dedicate the trip to the wonderful and beautiful Meredith. She was with us throughout the whole trip. We could feel it deep in our bones and we had so many moments that showed us she was there.

Throughout the whole trip, we kept finding money. Every time we brought up Mere, a coin presented itself. If you didn’t know, if you see a coin, it’s supposed to mean that a loved one is with you at the moment. Lori and I both got shivers whenever we found a coin.

We were at a cathedral one morning and we decided to go inside. There was a spot where you could light a candle for a loved one. Lori said out loud “I’m going to light one for Mere.” The next second, I look down under the rows of candles and directly under the one Lori just lit a quarter shined in the candlelight.

Meredith was there and she heard us. I kept that quarter. At that moment, I missed her so much but knew she was going to continue on the trip with us showing herself every once and awhile.

That’s exactly what she did. When we were out drinking beers, I found another coin. When we were in Central Park biking, I found another coin.

I truly believe that the whole trip was spent with Mere and it made it all the better.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about my trip to New York City with Lori. We had the most incredible time. Whenever Lori and I are together, we just laugh. She’s truly such an amazing mother to me and best friend. I don’t know what I would do without the love I receive from her on a daily basis. I made a list on my phone of all the funny shit that Lori does that left us in tears practically every day.


My two favourite entry:

1. We were trying to think of Jimmy Fallon’s daughter’s name. I said “Maybe” and she thought I had said Maize. Then Lori proceeds to say “Maize…. Oh that’s right, that’s it, it’s Maize… How CUTE.”

Spoiler: His daughter’s name isn’t Maize

2. The lady at a bar counter asked for an ID. Lori was buying the beers and didn’t realize I was standing behind her and the bartender was asking me. Lori said “What, really!? Me, ID? Wow!

NYC was a dream come true. We saw everything on our bucket lists. We cycled through Central Park, I stuffed my face with multiple pretzels, we paid our tributes to the 9/11 memorial, we spotted some celebrities (and Lori ran after one trying to get a photo) and we laughed until we cried at a standup comedy show.

I will never forget waking up being 25 in our room at Hotel St. James and heading into the shower thinking I was going to have the best day ever. When I got out of the shower, Lori had decorated the whole room with birthday directions. It blew my mind. The love I felt filled my heart so much I thought it was going to burst.

I’m not sure how I could ever beat that birthday.

Thank you, Lori, for making my dreams come true, and for exploring the city and eventually trusting my Subway direction skills. It was a glorious holiday and having spent it with you and Meredith meant the absolute world to me.

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