Real Women Wednesday: Jocelyn Meyer

Welcome to Real Women Wednesday.

This series is to empower and inspire women around the world. Every Wednesday I release a Q&A with a remarkable woman who I’ve connected with and/or admire. The mission for this series is to ignite the fire within whoever is reading this while being introduced to women whose fire is burning bright.

It’s about growing our sisterhood and developing the understanding that all women are divine beings. While we’re all different, we each bring wonder and love in this world. Isn’t that a beautiful thing worth sharing?

This Wednesday’s woman goes by the name Jocelyn Meyer. I first connected with Jocelyn through Instagram and after liking each other’s pictures 100 times, we thought it was time to meet! Jocelyn moved to Kelowna with her boyfriend from Ontario.

I admire Jocelyn because she’s raw, organic and genuine. Whenever I speak with her, I know I am getting the true Jocelyn. There’s no bullshit with her and that’s something I love about her and our friendship. You know those chicks that just seem cool and real without trying… she’s one of those chicks to me. She always makes me laugh and I really like listening to her words and stories.

Plus I can always count on her to go for a coffee and share dog things on Facebook with me.

Let me introduce you to Jocelyn Meyer!

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Thoughtful. Emotional. Funny.

Those may not be (probably aren’t) the words that others would use to describe me, but they’re the first ones that came to my mind when I read this question.

Initially I felt like “emotional” was a bad thing to include in this list. I thought that maybe I should delete it and replace it with something else. For some reason, I felt shame around that word, but you know what? Screw it, I am emotional! I feel my emotions really strongly, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger, or whatever. I also feel the emotions of others really strongly. So, if the person I am around is sad or angry, that really influences my mood. Sometimes feeling things that strongly sucks because it can be a really big pain in the butt. If I’m in a really good mood and I encounter someone that’s emitting a lot of bad energy, it sucks that it can bring me down so quickly. But you know what, when I’m genuinely happy or feeling good, I feel as though it radiates out of me, and that’s something that is really awesome! And if I’m around someone who is genuinely happy that can really bring me up, too!

Where do you consider home?

This is going to sound really super-duper cheesy, but home is wherever I am with my boyfriend, Bryce. We can be anywhere together and I feel comfortable and at ease being with him.

If we’re talking about places, British Columbia feels like home to me. I can’t narrow it down to a singular city or area because every new place that I visit here feels more and more like home to me.

I’ve only lived in a few towns throughout my life (Goderich, London, and Sarnia – all in Ontario) but none of them ever really felt like a home. Even my hometown, where I spent the first 22 years of my life doesn’t feel like home. I wouldn’t move back there, ever. And it isn’t because I view Goderich as a “bad” place or because there are any bad memories there. Nothing draws me back there, really. My immediate family still lives there and I love them, but the town itself just doesn’t appeal to me. I cherish the time I spent there, but I am happy to be experiencing other parts of Canada and making my home somewhere else.

You’re in need of some alone time, what do you do?

This really depends on why I need some alone time. Sometimes I just want to escape into a Netflix marathon because I had a long day at work and my brain feels like mush. Sometimes I want to dive into a book because I’m so engulfed by the story I’m reading or the characters on the pages. Other times I need to get out of my house, leave the city, and explore a new hiking trail with my dog, Sassy.

I need to do that third thing, getting out of the house and exploring, a lot more. It always rejuvenates me and clears my head. I seem to forget how great I feel when I come home after a hike, no matter how tired and dirty I am. I especially love how happy it makes Sassy. She can’t get enough of our adventures! She is always smiling ear to ear when we’re hiking. I need to do it more for myself, but also more for her too.

Tell me about a woman who inspires you

There are definitely a handful of women in my life that I can always turn to for inspiration. I am grateful for each and every one of them, as they are all people I hold near and dear to my heart. Since I don’t want to write a novel here, I’m going to stick with three women that have stuck by me when I’ve needing them, inspired me to grow, and have just generally been lovely to know!

My friend Jessica is someone I’ve known for over a decade (we met in high school). Jessica has been by my side during some of the hardest moments of my life and I can never thank her enough for being so loyal to me. We may not see each other very often (she lives in Toronto) but every time we get together or talk we can pick up right where we left off. It’s as if time doesn’t move. She always knows how to cheer me up or make me laugh and she gives me a kick in the ass whenever I need it. I love her to the moon and back.

I met Kira last year when Bryce and I moved to Kelowna. Bryce had known Kira from back home in Ontario and her and I connected via Facebook and Instagram before we moved here. Once we arrived in Kelowna we finally got to meet and our friendship has been growing ever since! I can always turn to Kira when I need a boost of motivation. She goes after what she wants and pursues her passions and dreams with the kind of confidence I can only hope to have one day. She is genuine and honest and is someone I am thankful for having met.

I’ve known Alanna for about 6 years now and we actually started out as roommates. When I was moving to London, Ontario I answered her ad on Kijiji looking for a roommate. We immediately became close friends and I talk to her pretty much every day now. She is a world-traveler and inspires me to see the world. She has the best stories and I can always count on her for a good laugh. Her love of travel continues to inspire me! I am definitely not “well-traveled” by any stretch, but I someday I hope to have seen even a slice of the world like she has (she’s been everywhere, I swear).

Think back to your childhood… what memory came to mind?

The beach.

My dad used to take my brother and I to the beach in Goderich all the time during the summer months when we were little. I remember swimming in Lake Huron, eating ice cream from the food hut, and burying my dad in the sand. My dad would sit in a lawn chair while we ran around in the sun and when he’d shut his eyes my brother and I would fill our pails with wet sand and pour it allllll over him! He’d laugh and come swimming with us to clean off. Those days at the beach were the best!

Where is your happy place?

I have a few.

I love escaping anywhere where I don’t get cell service. There’s something uplifting about being unreachable. I love that it forces me to step back from technology.

I love curling up on the couch with a blanket and a book. Pair it with a hot tea or a glass of wine and it’s even better!

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman means being strong and resilient. While I (or other women) may not always feel that way, that’s how I envision what being a woman means. Women grow and give birth to life, after all! We’re amazing creatures, each and every one of us.

How do you think we (as women) can help build friendships/relationships over the competition?

I think it’s important for us to remember that we all struggle with a lot of the same things. We live in a society that pushes certain ideals and images onto us and so many of us struggle to fit those molds. We should try to remember that everyone is fighting a battle and it’s up to us to be kind to one another. Instead competing with one another I think we should focus on helping one another through those battles. Let’s lift each other!  I think if we work together we can change what the media says it is to be a woman!

How do you make your mental health a priority?

I’ll be real with you, I am terrible at doing this. There are days where I know I should take a day off and clear my head but I never do it.

I turned 28 last month and my gift to myself was a promise. A promise that this year I will start to take better care of myself. There is definitely a large part of that promise that refers to physical health, but I definitely am trying to focus on my mental well-being as well.

I have promised myself that when I need a break, I’ll do my best to take it. When I need to talk about something, I will reach out to someone and hope that they are willing and able to listen. Basically, when I hear my body or my mind reaching out saying it needs a hand, I will do my best to listen and respond appropriately.

What has been the happiest moment of your life?

A few Christmas seasons ago, Bryce and I spent some time at a cabin in Ontario. One night during our stay we took a quad out in the bush and Bryce stopped in a clearing. The sky was crystal clear that night and I swear you could see every star in the sky. Everything was silent, no noise at all. Usually I would find that sort of silence eerie, but it was just beautiful. The snow was almost completely untouched where we were, except for our path of course. We just sat there and stared at the sky together. My heart felt so full and while I already knew I loved Bryce at that point in our relationship, that moment solidified that feeling even more.

Is there a quote or statement that you live by?

You may have noticed I kind of referenced this above: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

What do you think the biggest challenge is that women face today?

I think women struggle to fit into a mold that doesn’t necessarily represent them.

We struggle to be thinner or have better skin or dress better. We struggle to be picture perfect and live Instagram-worthy lives every day. This is unrealistic and problematic because we are so much more than that. Each of us is unique and has something different to offer to the world, our loved ones, and ourselves.

How can we change it?

We need to remember that many of us have a difficult time with it. We need to work together to change what society and the media expects from us. I truly don’t know how we can remedy this problem, but I know women are capable of greatness and I know we can tackle this!

If you could tell a teenage girl/young adult one thing, what would you say to them?

It will get better.

If you having difficulty fitting in or you’re not sure how to love yourself, please know that it does get better. Find your people and love them. Let them love you in return. And learn how to love yourself. It doesn’t have to be every day (none of us are perfect), but learn to accept yourself for who you are because you are important.

How do you turn off/unplug in a world that’s always connected?

I’m terrible for reaching for my phone when I’m bored or not doing anything. While it’s easy enough to turn my phone off, it’s just as easy to turn it back on again when the urge presents itself. I prefer going somewhere without cell signal. That way I can truly escape.

Recently I was in Trout Lake with Bryce and his parents and there was no cell service there. While our cabin had Wifi it was so nice to be disconnected when we out exploring. No one could call or text, no push notifications popped up. It was glorious. I need more of that in my life!



Hello, me again. I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Jocelyn for answering these questions and taking part in Real Women Wednesday. I loved reading her answers. They were so thought out and well-spoken. Don’t you agree?

To follow Jocelyn, check out her Instagram! You can expect a lot of pictures of beautiful Sassy and photographs of what hikes and weekend adventures her and Bryce get up to. 

Are you wanting to read previous RRW posts? Catch up here.

If you’d like to be featured on Real Women Wednesday, email me at molly@thebookofmolly.com or reach out to me on social media. My handle is @thebookofmolly. 



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      I completely agree with you Valda! It’s such a simple statement and it holds so much power.

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