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 Welcome to Real Women Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s your weekly dose of RWW. I created this series to empower, inspire and connect women. Every Wednesday, I share an interview with a woman who I’ve connected with or admire.

I want this series to showcase the empathic, soft and powerful sides that every woman has. I want us to push the comparison, jealousy and girl hate to the side and just listen to these vulnerable words.

This week my Real Women Wednesday is Jessica Chapman. I know her as Jess and she’s one of the most wonderful women I’ve met in the past two years. I met Jess through my friend Cassandra (another previous RWW). Jess and I hit it off by wine touring together for a whole day while Cassandra worked. Our friendship quickly formed after a few glasses of vino and discussing our love for Gilmore Girls, being from the U.K. and cheese boards.

This past summer Jess came to Kelowna to spend some time with me. We toured around Kelowna and had quality life chats over delicious food. I’m so impressed by the motivation and dedication Jess has to her business and her family.

While Jess lives in Ontario, our friendship has never died off and I appreciate her continual effort to keep in touch.

Meet the lovely Jess!

where is your favorite place to escape to?

 I’m trying to build a life that I feel I don’t need to escape from. That being said I still have days when I wake up feeling stale. Almost like I’m ready to move cities, sell all my belongings and get lost in a tropical paradise. But then I bring my self back down into reality and into my everyday life.

After a long week or particularly stressful day, I need to cocoon in some me-time usually snuggled between the pillows reading or even better if the weather permits you can find me at the cottage.

what are some traits you look for in a pure and genuine friendship?

Being a woman in my mid-twenties I have definitely experienced many types of friendships and I can say with my whole heart I have found my tribe!

I’m extremely blessed to have such amazing and brilliant woman to call friends. One of the most important traits in a friendship is support. This is such a huge part of friendship to find people who are truly rooting for your success is rare. Of course, I want them to support me but the best part of a friendship is being open to supporting your friend whether it is to help solve a difficult problem. Be there to share some exciting news with and even just be A shoulder to lean on its all part of having such great friendship and connection. 

Be there to share some exciting news with and even just be a shoulder to lean on its all part of having such great friendship and connection. I believe that true friendship can withstand the test of time but also distance being able to pick back up after a period of separation is the most magical parts of friendship.

How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

To keep this one short and sweet, compassionate, driven and terribly clumsy. 

What are your passion and your purpose in life? when did you figure them out?

I love to make people feel good.

I have a very empathic personality and can definitely take on others feelings and emotions as my own and O think this is why people feel safe confiding thing with me. From an early age I’ve grown up being the friend you can lean on and that will give advice to the best of my ability and its something I love to be able to do and be that person that help with a different perspective of a problem.

Even now I have my clients and we have a long-standing joke that if I were ever to write a book about my life it should be titled the accidental therapist. 

I have grown up with such strong female friends surrounding me I knew that I belonged in a female-driven industry alongside other empowering women. I can admit that it took me a little longer than

I can admit that it took me a little longer than I imagined to find a place in this type of industry. And I can proudly say I’ve found my calling nestled within the wellness and beauty industry. I run a small business out of my home catering to all things beauty, We do makeup applications, Eyebrow

I run a small business out of my home catering to all things beauty. We do makeup applications, Eyebrow grooming, and Eyelash treatments. I honestly feel that every day in the studio brings me so much joy and it makes my heart happy to have so many wonderful clients that support me.

Jess Chapman Lash Darling studio

Being able to apply a makeup look or create a new set of eyelash extensions for someone that makes them feel their best and help a little with their self-confidence is the most amazing part of my job. Every week I meet such a diverse group of ladies, all in the different stages of life most of the time we talk and exchange stories, sometimes worries and I always hope they leave feeling a little brighter because I know the influence of all the lovely woman I get to meet makes me a better business owner, friend, and woman.

what does the word woman mean to you?

The word woman and empowerment go hand in hand. Working with such powerful women in a female-driven environment has made me realize that women can do anything at all we put our minds to and I feel this is such an important message that younger generations need to hear.

what do you work towards in your free time?

A lot of my free time is spent working on my mental health and keeping my mind stress free.

Working for yourself creates a lot of stress that sometimes creeps up on you all at once. I try to incorporate some stress-free time me time into my day every day.

I love taking a break from work and grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, we can talk about our days and I look forward to it. Me time is 100 percent necessary and shouldn’t be thought of as selfish. Self-care is so so important. 

I am also working my way through my travel bucket list when I can sneak in some free time to get away. I think experiencing different cultures and seeing new and exciting places is so good for you and I love it.

what is one thing that’s happened to you that’s made you a stronger person.?

A month after my sixteenth birthday myself, my sister and parents moved, we moved houses, jobs, schools and what felt like at the time universes.

leaving the smallish English town we had all grown up across the sea to Canada, Hamilton Ontario to be exact.

This is one huge thing that happened to me be but its all the things I learned on this journey that has given me the strength to be who I am today.

Starting fresh was the most terrifying experience but I look back on it now almost 10 years later and am thankful for it. I’m not sure how to imagine my life being any different.

The greatest thing you can take away from change is the how family bonds strengthen. Taking family and friends for granted is so normal and realizing that this cant be the case anymore is another challenge in itself. But, putting forward the effort to create a strong long distance relationship makes the love so much more worthy.

Another RWW done and dusted! 

I want to say thank you to Jess for being a part of this series. It feels amazing being backed and supported by such a wonderful woman as you. Your friendship means so much to me. 

To follow Jess online, check out her business Instagram, Lash Darling.

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