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Welcome to Real Women Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and to get you through the week, here is another RWW for you. This series was created to empower, inspire and connect women around the world. Every Wednesday a new Q&A with a remarkable woman who I’ve connected with and/or admire appears on my blog. It’s my way of showing the realness that it means to be a woman.

The empathic, soft AND powerful sides of us that need to be celebrated.

This Wednesday’s woman is Sierra Harris. Sierra is the mom of Stella, a beautiful, young girl who is often seen starring in her mom’s Instagram stories. She’s also a business owner and a kick-ass female.

Her Instagram bio says “I curse like a trucker and I don’t give af, I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t love.” And I can attest (soon you will be able to too), she does curse a lot and I met her when she was wearing stripes.

I met Sierra at a blogger event I was invited to in Kelowna. I was feeling extremely out of place and low at the end of the night and Sierra reached out to me after I mentioned on social media that I needed to take digital detox to stop comparing myself to others and we bonded through Instagram.

Sierra owns a clothing shop in Vernon and she has a heart of gold. As you’ll read below, Sierra is unapologetically herself and that’s something I admire about her. She is her true self through and through and it makes me feel more confident in showcasing the real me to everyone.

Meet Sierra!

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Loyal, persistent, ambitious

You own your own company. How did you know it was the right time to start your own business?

I use to be a real estate agent but after I had my daughter I decided not to go back to real estate, once we moved to Vernon and my daughter was starting school full time I decided to open the shop. Working for somebody else was out of the question.

What’s your favourite non-physical attribute of yourself?

My sense of humor (obviously)

Our stories are worth watching today

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What gives you the confidence to be unapologetically yourself?

Have you ever told a lie, like a little white lie to prevent hurting someone’s feelings but then the stress of keeping the details straight of that lie is more stressful and taxing on you emotionally than just telling the truth in the first place??

That’s how I feel about being myself, being somebody I’m not is so much more work and stress. It just makes life so much easier to be yourself, one less thing to worry about.

You’re a mother to a young (adorable) girl. What are you trying to teach her at this age?

-OMG, the list is too long! I’m a worrier by nature so I worry every day about regular daily shit but on top of that, I worry about her becoming a teenager and dealing with awful teenage crap.

I seriously considered homeschooling her because teenage girls can be such assholes. But what am I trying to teach her at this very moment?? Probably how to white her butt more efficiently.

Does it ever scare you to be raising a daughter in the world we’re living in?


Tell me about a woman who inspires you

Hmmmmm, I follow a woman on IG named Ruthie Lindsay, she’s so unapologetically happy and cheerful.

She’s completely herself, she’s a nerdy hip hop loving tall lanky lovely human being! She’s been through some shit but she doesn’t whine about it and use it as her excuse to be a shitty human or a “Debbie Downer”.

Oh and Oprah, I mean…always Oprah

How do we as women walk hand-in-hand with each other instead of being full of judgment and the emotions that come with the invisible competition we think exists?

Honestly, it’s a fucking struggle.

I’m definitely not perfect, I’ve made snarky comments about other women and I’m sure other women make snarky comments about me all the time, but the whole point is to check ourselves.

sierra harris in front of clothing board

Step back and say to ourselves, “Fuck that was a little offside Harris” that’s what I love about my relationship with Kaitlyn if I say something that isn’t 100% Pollyanna she knows maybe I’m having a bad day and puts me in my place.

Tell me about a time that you failed. What did it teach you?

I’ve never failed….I’m fucking perfect

What’s your favourite part of the day?

When I get home from work and have snuggle TV time with Stella, oh and Kaitlyn and I always have a good morning debrief over coffee

If you could give some words of advice to any women who are feeling discouraged, what would you say?

Oh, that’s a tough one, probably go with your gut.

I know it’s very cliche but since the moment I’ve opened my store I’ve tried really hard to go with my gut. I’ve had a very clear image of what my store and business is and I’ve never strayed from that.

pssst, Molly here. I just want to say thank you to Sierra for agreeing to be part of this series. My hope in connecting my readers with Sierra is that you (the readers)  feel confident enough to share your real self and not a perfected, photoshopped, edited version of yourself on social media (and in real life). I also wanted to share Sierra’s business with you because it’s incredible. A clothing store full of Canadian brands and only Canadian brands. Sierra and Kaitlyn, her store manager, are also known on Instagram for their hilarious and real stories. So, follow Birch Hill Studio for their cute clothes and stories that will make you cry laugh. 

Thank you, Sierra, for being part of my Real Women Wednesday series.

To follow Sierra online, check out her company Birch Hill Studio, and follow them on Instagram, here.

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If you’d like to be featured on Real Women Wednesday, email me at molly@thebookofmolly.com or reach out to me on social media. My handle is @thebookofmolly.

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