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  • Female Empowerment

    My Mom

    My mom deserves a medal. Actually my mom deserves many medals and what medals does she deserve you might be asking, well I will tell you. 1. She deserves a medal…

  • mindfulness

    Sunday “Me” Time

    My “Sunday” routine may be a bit different than yours, since I don’t actually have Sunday off. At work right now I am the weekend journalist, so I work over the…

  • mindfulness

    Eye Contact

    Looking into the eyes of someone I think is one of the most intimate things you can do. When you lock eyes with someone a whole different emotion is felt. It’s…

  • Life

    October Favourites

    My October Favourites are now here! The month went so quickly, so here are some things I loved having/using. The first thing I’ve been loving is my new sleeping mask from…