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    3 Personal Highlights From July

    Can you believe it’s already August? That means there are only 140 days until Christmas! … Too soon? This past month has been a busy one. It’s seen me focus on…

  • illusion of perfection
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    The Illusion of Perfection

    Our society is obsessed with showcasing highlight reels on social media. Because of this, we can end up feeling bad about ourselves since we’re not living up to others perfect(ly captured) lives.…

  • Life

    23 things I learned at 23

    I turned 24 last week and that really got me thinking… what have I learned this past year? My 23rd year was a HUGE year in my life. I met some…

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    My Fitness File: March

    Are you ready for a post about all things sweaty? Welcome to my fitness file: March! This past month has been a sweaty month when it comes to fitness for me. So,…