The beginning of a new ritual

Today marked the beginning of my meditation journey. I’ve meditated before here and there, but I have never really stuck to it. I loved the feeling I had when I did meditate, but life took over and I didn’t make time for it. Now I am.

This afternoon I went on twitter (follow me @thebookofmolly), and noticed that there was a new guided meditation being offered by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. The meditation being offered is for 21 days, and every day there will be an introduction by Oprah, and then Deepak guides you afterwards.

Today it was about gratitude and grace. “When I’m grateful, I find my grace.”

It’s being offered online for free, and you can join too! All you have to do is go to https://chopracentermeditation.com and create an account.

Day one is now finished and I’m feeling more calm and centred than I was before, and I’m really looking forward to how I will feel come the end. I want this meditation challenge to become a ritual for me, and something I live by. I hope you all will join me in this journey, and I hope it will help you centre yourselves too!

A note from the universe: “This just in, Molly… no matter how happy you have ever been, even at your happiest, it won’t come close to how happy you will one day be.”

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