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Valentine’s Day: Put Yourself First

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means today people in relationships are buying their loved one a special gift and sharing a delicious meal together, while singles are complaining about how stupid Valentine’s Day is, eating ice cream from the carton or pretending like it’s just another day.

While Valentine’s Day is just another day, it is also one of my favourite days. Not because it’s a materialistic day, but because I love love and I love showing people that I love and care for them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been single for many valentine’s days. I was that one complaining about today to others while sobbing in my ice cream.

I’ve also been in relationships on valentine’s day where love was shown and others where it was forgotten.

Through all my valentine’s days, I have never given up on my love for this day. BUT, I have realized one thing… put yourself first.



I know I’ve said this a zillion times before in so many posts, but I thought Valentine’s Day was a good day to repeat myself. When I was younger and in college, I went to my mom’s house in Halifax bawling my eyes out. I wasn’t in a good place in my life. I was in a toxic relationship, I was depressed and I didn’t care about myself.

My mom hugged me and told me I needed to love myself before I could ever love someone else. I took those words and I’ve never forgotten about them. I’ve worked tirelessly to learn to love myself and even though it’s taken more than 4 years, I finally love myself.

I put myself first and made decisions based on what I wanted and needed in life and I will tell you, my heart has never been so full before.

It seems like such a common sense thing, but let’s be honest, common sense isn’t so common anymore.

Make this valentines day a special day whether you’re in love, in a relationship or you’re single. Today show love to the people in your life, but also to the most important person… YOU.

Here are 20 small things you can do to put yourself first and show you some love.

1. Take a bath with oils, bubbles and a bath bomb
2. Cook yourself your favourite meal and enjoy it without distractions
3. Watch a sappy movie with your favourite treat
4. Put on a face mask
5. Do you nails
6. Call someone you love and tell them that you love them
7. Put on your fluffiest comfies and socks
8. Snuggle under your duvet and read your book
9. Hug someone
10. Smile at a stranger
11. Drink a warm cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee
12. Send a text message telling someone why they’re special to you
13. Go for a walk outside without your phone
14. Open your windows and smell the fresh air
15. Write three things you’re grateful for in your journal
16. Dance in your underwear to your favourite song
17. Stand in front of a mirror and say out loud three things you love about yourself
18. Light a candle and do some yoga
19. Go to the gym and sweat
20. Tell yourself you love yourself

bonus: Put on an outfit you feel sexy in and actually allow yourself to BE sexy

Now, you may notice some of these things have to do with other people. I find that when I do genuine things for others that I feel the greatest amount of love possible.

I love sending others little reminders that I’m thinking of them, care for them or love them. Small gestures of love can make the day of another person so much brighter.

Send those good morning text messages, smile at others while walking and always remember to love yourself because you’re important and so wonderful.

While I may not do most of these things today, I will be spending tonight eating my favourite meal and handing out a pretty sappy and cute card.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    February 15, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Love your list of ways to love yourself. I’m all for #11, a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I just can’t live without it. In my Valentine’s Day themed post ( I shared 10 ways to do what you love. Hope you don’t mind me sharing. Happy love day!

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    February 15, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    This is exactly what I wrote about for Valentines Day. It’s SO important to show yourself some love.

    La Belle Sirene 

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