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What’s Been Holding Me Back From Moving My Body

Finding motivation lately to move my body has been like finding a needle in a haystack! I’ve been in a hole of scrolling, busyness and feeling completely drained from the excessive amount of screen time in my life! I’m letting the busyness of life take priority and I’m not giving myself time to slow down and take care of my own body.

But, maybe a week ago, I had this strong desire to head back to the gym and begin moving again.

Yesterday was my new beginning

Yesterday morning I reactivated my gym membership and worked out in the morning before work.

Last night, I went to a workshop put on by TWP Fitness and Saje. It was all about mobility and finding just a couple of minutes a day to move your body. It really resonated with me because I constantly find myself struggling with nourishing my body.

Taylor, co-owner of TWP, shared an easy 20-minute mobility flow at the workshop. The 5 women in attendance, Taylor and two women from the Saje team flowed together. At the end of the routine, they misted us with some Saje mists and I could feel this pressure release from my body. 

This is the feeling I want to feel more often.

We talked about what stops us from working out and moving our bodies and I wanted to share with you two reasons I haven’t been making movement a priority in my life and how I’m going to change them.


I’ve had on and off love affairs with the gym and movement. We’ve all been there! We’re super pumped as soon as we get a membership somewhere and eventually, the honeymoon period wears off – we’re not seeing immediate results and we stop going. 

When I’m in the middle of my love affair with fitness – in the past – I’ve been really hard on myself. I get so fixated on seeing results that my attitude towards movement and fitness becomes unhealthy. Whenever that comes up, I run far away from movement. 


I’m going to remember that movement and fitness are here to HEAL and HELP my body. It’s not always about the end result but the feelings I feel inside my body when I’m moving. That feeling after sweating, stretching or even just walking into the gym. Those are the feelings that matter!

Taylor last night spoke about how mobility and movement are preventative. How we should continually work on our bodies to help them move easier in the future. Fitness is about creating healthy humans inside and out.

Yes, I want to see results.

Yes, I want my body to look more toned. 

Yes, I want to be able to gain muscle. 

Yes, I want to feel good when I move.

And guess what… I can achieve all of those things without it being unhealthy. I’m determined to learn how to move properly for MY body. Listen to what MY body needs and not focus on anything else other than that! 


I’ll let you into my brain for a minute. Every time I walk into a gym I clench my jaw, I get anxious and I want to immediately leave. Why? Because I don’t know how to use all the equipment properly and I’m terrified of looking silly in front of other women who are killing their workout routines. I just feel juvenile. Have you ever been there?

Taylor mentioned that so many women have the same fear as me!


TWP Fitness offers FREE equipment rundowns. One of the many wonderful women at the gym will give anyone a complimentary fitness rundown of their gym and equipment. 

I’m booking next time I’m there to learn all about the equipment. That way I can feel more comfortable moving my body. Plus, I can do it with the proper form so I don’t end up hurting myself.


So, here I am, committing to moving my body and treating it gently. Understanding what’s been stopping me and how I can solve those fears. Understanding that it’s a process and that I’ll have good days and that I’ll have bad days. But, if I can just do a 20-minute mobility flow a day to get my body buzzing, I’ll be proud of myself! 

I’m going to share the mobility flow we did last night below because sharing is caring. 

Fascial neck release | 30 seconds a side 

Neck circles | x5 a side 

Shoulder rolls | x10 forward/back 

Belly breathing | 15 deep breaths 

Supine t-spine stretch with sunshine arms | x10 a side 

Cat/Cow | x10 

Childs pose to open chest | x10 

Thread the needle | x10 a side 

Rock backs | x10 

Rock back over shoulder look | x10 

Half kneeling overhead reach | x10 a side

Half kneeling rotational reach | x10 a side 

90/90 hip stretch 

Belly breathing 

Flow on ✌️

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