Why Salted Brick is the Best Restaurant in Kelowna

I’ve lived in Kelowna for over two years now and I can officially say I’ve found my favourite restaurant. Salted Brick has just skyrocketed to the top of my list because of my experience on last Sunday.

So, here’s the thing about me. I LOVE eggs benny. I have been on the search for the best eggs benny and I heard that Salted Brick had some pretty good contenders. Matt and I had a lazy morning in on Sunday when he asked me if I wanted to finally go to Salted Brick for brunch. I jumped at the chance.

When we got down to the beautiful quaint restaurant on Bernard Ave, we were the only ones there. They had just opened moments ago, so we got to pick our seats and watch the two Salted Bricksters prep for the morning crowd.

Once we sat down, we were greeted by one of the co-owners, Casey Greabeiel, and were told that he hadn’t even printed off the menu for the day, but we could listen to him tell us verbally what was available.

That’s never happened to me before and I loved listening to him speak about the different dishes. The passion for food he had was felt when he was sharing the different bennies available.

I went for the pulled pork benny with a jalapeno jelly and Matthew went for the mushroom eggs benny.

While we waited, we sipped our coffee and watched our meal being cooked in front of us. Matt and I had both been to Salted Brick before, but we’ve never really paid attention to the meal preparation. We discussed the functionality of the open kitchen and how memorizing it was to watch chef Eric Rice and Casey work so effortlessly together in the small space.

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On Salted Brick’s website, they actually explain that the beautiful open kitchen area was built for functionality on a modest budget. I loved having the ability to watch the meal being cooked in front of me and ask the chef questions.

If you’re wondering, no chef Eric Rice does not have his own Instagram, Matt asked him and he only got a phone about three months ago. Talk about my type of digital detox!Salted Brick Kelowna BC

When the food came and we took our first bites, you guessed it… I was in awe. BEST benny I’ve ever tasted. The pulled pork worked so well with the eggs and the crunchy bread as the base. The hollandaise sauce was everything and more and as Matt said, the chef was a poached egg master.

The oven roasted potatoes were both crunchy and soft and great to mop up the extra egg and hollandaise sauce.

Salted Brick even goes out of their way to make their own in-house Tequila salt. Yes, you heard me. I could have taken a whole bottle of that home.Salted Brick Kelowna BC

Once we were stuffed full of our bennies and finished our cup of the smoothest coffee I’ve had in awhile (Salted Brick gets their coffee from a roastery in Victoria and is one of two places in Kelowna that brews it), it was time for the dates.

If you’ve ever been to Salted Brick before and haven’t had the dates, you’re a fool. Warmed dates full of blue cheese. They’re my go-to snack and now instead of coming individually, they’re offered in sets of 4. I didn’t get a picture because I ate them WAY too fast.

The meal was incredible, the presentation for every single part of the breakfast was spot on and we were glowing after the best breakfast of our lives. This was all happening when chef Rice came out and surprised us with a flourless chocolate torte with chocolate mousse on top. We were stunned. I was smiling ear to ear, looking at Matt, so giddy. I was SO full from my breakfast and a fair share of dates, but I couldn’t say no to dessert. We both love chocolate, so it wasn’t a problem to finish that rich treat.

At first, we just didn’t understand why we were given a free dessert and then we realized it’s because the restaurant cares about their customers. They made us feel special, were attentive and answered any and all the questions we had.

I’ve never had a meal experience like the one we had on Sunday and because of that, we’ve decided to have our anniversary dinner in two weeks at Salted Brick.

Hands down, the best restaurant in the city. Smooth coffee, delicious locally sourced foods, amazing service, beautiful atmosphere and the perfect location.

Salted Brick has made faithful customers out of Matthew and me and we can’t wait to celebrate our anniversary there in a couple of weeks.

If you haven’t ventured to Salted Brick for brunch, lunch or dinner, hurry down. You won’t be disappointed. Let me know if you’ve tried their eggs benny and what you thought of them!

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