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    Goals mindfulness

    Wandering Without Wifi

    Being in nature and hiking in the woods have always been stress relievers for me. It’s a way to disconnect with the digital world and breathe in the fresh, clean air.…

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    lovelies Sightseeing

    The BC anniversary post

    Here is my long awaited one year anniversary to living in British Columbia post. Yes, that’s right. I have lived in beautiful British Columbia for more than a year now. It’s…

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    Moving Forward

    Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with the past and I’m just learning now how to move forward not backward. One thing I have always done is dissect…

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    mindfulness Sightseeing

    A weekend away camping

    My version of running away is going camping. It’s where I feel the most grounded and the place I can go to when I need a recharge. Recently, my adventure buddy…

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    lovelies mindfulness

    15 of my favourite things

    1. The first coffee in the morning Every morning I look forward to my coffee. Maybe it’s my addiction talking but coffee is the way I tell my brain to turn…

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    Happiness and Sadness

    I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness this past weekend while I was in Vancouver. It was uncharted territory and I didn’t know exactly how to handle it. I made excitement…

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    Days off

    Two of my favourite things in life are weekends and days off work. I love to work, but I think having a couple days off is an amazing way for me…

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    lovelies Sightseeing

    Toronto Views

    If you couldn’t already tell by the tattoo on my back … I love Toronto. I love the views, the business, the food, the number of activities you can do, the…