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    A weekend away camping

    My version of running away is going camping. It’s where I feel the most grounded and the place I can go to when I need a recharge. Recently, my adventure buddy…

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    15 of my favourite things

    1. The first coffee in the morning Every morning I look forward to my coffee. Maybe it’s my addiction talking but coffee is the way I tell my brain to turn…

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    Happiness and Sadness

    I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness this past weekend while I was in Vancouver. It was uncharted territory and I didn’t know exactly how to handle it. I made excitement…

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    Days off

    Two of my favourite things in life are weekends and days off work. I love to work, but I think having a couple days off is an amazing way for me…

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    Toronto Views

    If you couldn’t already tell by the tattoo on my back … I love Toronto. I love the views, the business, the food, the number of activities you can do, the…

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    Mud Sweat and Tears

    This past Saturday I competed in the Mud Sweat and Tears challenge with a group of my coworkers. The race saw multiple obstacles we had to complete, mountains we had to…

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    5 things you should do every day

    Today I am sharing five things I do every day to make my day a little brighter. Every day isn’t great, but you really can make great in every day. Stretch When…

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    Rise and Shine Yoga

    Some people stretch when they first wake up, some people drink coffee, and some (crazy) people do rise and shine yoga first thing in the morning. That was me this morning……